Sewer Repair in NC

Problems with a sewer system can range from mildly annoying to downright dangerous. Small sewer line fractures can cause water pressure problems, but large breaks can create legitimate biohazards. From human activity to animal infestations to local plant growth, there’s almost no end to the outside forces that can cause sewer problems.

At JPW Properties, Inc., we specialize in sewer repair in North Carolina for a variety of businesses and industries.

Common Sewer Problems

When you think of sewer problems, you probably think of problems caused by human activity. Sewer blockages can be caused by all sorts of things, especially in larger cities or densely populated areas like apartment complexes and planned communities. Here are some of the ways humans can damage a sewer system:

  • Flushing improper items such as feminine hygiene products or diapers
  • Rinsing grease and fibrous foods down the kitchen sink
  • Parking heavy trucks or trailers in no-parking zones
  • Digging without checking for buried sewer lines

Sewer problems can also be caused by local flora and fauna, especially in a state as verdant and lush as NC. Whether it’s burrowing animals such as gophers or rabbits or tree roots looking for a source of water and nutrients, nature can easily make its way into a sewer system.

Beyond outside sources, sewer systems can also break down due to age. Over time, pipes corrode and break down. Soil moisture levels fluctuate with the seasons, and waterlogged soil puts pressure on the pipes, leading to leaks, cracks, and shifting. The longer a sewer system is active, the more chance it has to leak or burst.

Our Sewer Repair Services

At JPW Properties, Inc., we offer a variety of sewer repair options for a variety of sewer problems. For clogged or blocked pipes, we’ll use a high-pressured jet of water to flush the pipes clear. For cracked or collapsed pipes, we’ll use trenchless repair methods to insert a sleeve into the pipe to keep wastewater flowing without needing to replace the entire pipe.

To learn more about our sewer repair services in NC, give us a call at (910) 520-5160.