Choose Efficient QuickLock Joint Repair in NC

 In the past, home and business owners had to spend valuable time and money digging trenches to replace damaged pipes. Fortunately, modern innovations have made the process easier and cheaper. At JPW Properties, Inc., we offer QuickLock joint repair services in NC to quickly repair damages and get your pipes up and running.

Our method was designed to withstand damaging chemicals, acids, and lyes. So our services are the perfect choice for anyone managing a sewer or stormwater system. If you fit that description, feel free to give us a call.

Understand How QuickLock Repair Works

 QuickLock joint repair is an innovative system that fixes broken pipes from the inside. Instead of traditional resin solutions, QuickLock consists of a stainless steel sleeve that is inserted into the pipe and permanently placed over the damaged section.

Because the QuickLock joint repair sleeve is made of stainless steel, you can count on this method as a long-term solution. Our joint repair system offers these other benefits as well:

  • No trenching is required (no additional cost of digging and then repairing your landscape).
  • The flow of water or sewage does not have to be blocked during the repair.
  • Results are immediate.
  • Overhead costs are minimal.

QuickLock joint repair is an easy and profitable choice. Whether your pipes suffer from holes, cracks, or root infiltration, our team at JPW Propertis, Inc., can quickly make the necessary repairs you need for your NC, location.

Learn About Our Process

When we come to repair your pipes, we will first jet-clean your pipes and inspect them to determine exactly where the problem lies and how extensive it is. This ensures that your pipes are repaired correctly the first time.

Once we have identified the source of the issue, we use our QuickLock method, as explained above, to fix it.

Call to Learn More

 Our support staff is happy to answer any of your questions. If you would like to learn more about the repair process or materials we use in NC, simply give us a call. We have a lot of experience repairing sewer and stormwater systems, so you can trust our hard-earned expertise. To reach us, call (910) 520-5160. We look forward to assisting you with your repair needs.